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  • The House is Voting to Redefine Marriage THIS WEEK December 7, 2022
    While families across the nation are dealing with economic hardship and other real problems ahead of the holidays, Nancy Pelosi and the lame duck Congress are instead focusing on the advancement of radical ideas across the board – Congress needs to hear your voice now. Even though she is on the way out as Speaker, […]
    Robert Noland
  • Official School Board Academy launch coming soon! December 4, 2022
    We are just two weeks away from the official launch of the School Board Academy—Family Policy Foundation’s newest training program for pro-family elected officials. As we shared earlier this fall, FPF has developed a unique course to equip and empower conservative school board members to protect children from radical curriculum and dangerous policies, preserve parental […]
    Robert Noland
  • Christians Are Called to Be a Father to the Fatherless: A Conversation with Dr. Ford of Focus on the Family November 30, 2022
    How should Christians respond to children in need? Dr. Sharen Ford of Focus on the Family says the Body of Christ needs to stand up and that we are called to be a father to the fatherless. November is Adoption and Foster Care Month! This month, we reflect on the children in need of a […]
    Robert Noland
  • Urgent Threat to Religious Freedom November 29, 2022
    Thank you to all who have been calling on your Senators to STOP the harmful same-sex marriage bill being fast-tracked in the Senate! In case you haven’t heard, last night the Senate voted to move forward a version of the bill that claims to protect religious freedom for faith-based organizations, but those “protections” are fig […]
    Robert Noland
  • TODAY: Senate Returns to Vote on Marriage November 28, 2022
    We all may still be eating turkey leftovers, but today Chuck Schumer’s Senate returns to DC where they plan to restart—and take the next vote on—the same-sex marriage bill. It is stunning to think that with the many real issues concerning American families, this bill that codifies the Obergefell definition of same-sex marriage into federal […]
    Robert Noland
  • Thanksgiving Blessings! November 23, 2022
    Thanksgiving blessings from the Family Policy Alliance and Family Policy Foundation family to yours! There is no doubt, 2022 has been a challenging and turbulent time in our nation. A time when it is easy to be frustrated by failures and losses that the media and our leaders dwell upon. But for us, today is […]
    Robert Noland
  • Protecting the Sanctity of Life after the Election November 23, 2022
    It has been quite a year on the pro-life front! We saw Roe v. Wade fall, which was a victory of a lifetime. While it was a very welcome and major development, it has, as expected, shifted the abortion debate in a seismic way.  November Election As we analyze the recent election results, the news […]
    Robert Noland
  • Prayers As the Nation Turns Toward 2023 November 21, 2022
    As the nation has mostly turned its attention from the 2022 midterm elections and is fully looking ahead to the holidays, it is hard to believe that we are nearing the end the year – truly a year with a number of important milestones and challenges. As we look ahead, there are some prayer points […]
    Robert Noland

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