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Church at the Game

Church at the Game is brought to you by Kingdom Bound Ministries and a host of WNY ministry partners including WDCX Radio, Athletes in Action, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and dozens of WNY Churches […]

The Date Night Comedy Tour

DATE NIGHT COMEDY TOUR is not your normal Date Night! Come prepared to laugh, love and learn as our comics Leland Klassen and James MacNeil create a night you won’t soon forget.  Plus enjoy as […]

Community Events


  • Victory! Huge Outcry Stops Dangerous Attack in Blue State December 7, 2017
    Last month, we told you about a push by the Delaware Department of Education to allow school children to self-identify their sex – as well as their race – without their parents’ input.  With backing from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the leading LGBT lobbying group, it looked like this policy would sail through. But […]
  • Top 3 Reasons Why a Cake Artist Is in Court…And Why It Matters to You December 5, 2017
      Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom By Autumn Leva, Director of Policy & Communications Jack is a small business owner from Colorado. He’s a cake artist who has loved art all his life. And, he’s a Christian who wants to live out his faith in the way he runs his business—and every aspect of […]
  • The Last ‘Stoplight’ November 30, 2017
    No, really. After a decade of producing his popular video commentaries, we’re sad to share that our colleague, Stuart Shepard, is moving on. We asked if he would do one final Stoplight® to wrap up the long-running series. He summarizes what we’ve all learned together, and what we should all be doing next. But, the […]
    Stuart Shepard
  • Adopting Maria Pearl November 30, 2017
    It is still National Adoption Month. As we come to the close of November, we wanted to share with you one last story of how this amazing process blesses so many who need forever families and the families they join. Jeremy Samek serves as Senior Legal Counsel with Family Policy Alliance’s state ally Pennsylvania Family […]
  • Back to School in January? November 28, 2017
    While families send their children back to school each fall, for Family Policy Alliance our “back to school” time comes in January— when Congress and state legislatures go back into session. All summer and fall, we’ve been preparing and training for the new legislative session. Now, we can protect your family and advance your values. […]
  • South Carolina: What’s Happening with Pastors in This State Is Incredible! November 28, 2017
    By Erik Corcoran, Coalitions Director, Palmetto Family Council Family Policy Alliance is proud to be allied with Palmetto Family Council – our ally in South Carolina. Last August, Palmetto Family Council launched a new initiative to reach pastors and churches across South Carolina—we call it the Nehemiah Network. Today, it’s a coalition of over 260 […]
  • Consider It Pure Joy… November 21, 2017
    Has everything gone your way in 2017? No anxiousness over family? Your finances? Your health?  No conflict in your church or amongst friends?  No concerns about what your grandchildren and children are taught in school; whether our nation’s future affords them the same blessings as it did to you or if they will be able […]
  • Adoption Gave Me My Brother November 21, 2017
      Family Policy Alliance is proud to partner with Julaine Appling, president of our state-based ally Wisconsin Family Council. November is Adoption Month! While we’ve had this national recognition month only about 20 years, adoption is, of course, an ages-old means by which children are given an earthly forever family. Adoption is a great option […]

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