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WNY Marriage Matters

Marriage Matters is here to help connect people with resources through local churches, Bible studies and counseling centers to keep marriages flourishing!

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The Walk to End Alzheimers 2016

Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s

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  • Welcome to Family Policy Alliance August 30, 2016
    You may have noticed that CitizenLink changed its name to Family Policy Alliance. The new name better explains what we do – working with a network of nearly 40 state-based family policy groups to promote life, marriage, family and religious freedom. Our President and CEO Paul Weber explains our mission and why it’s so important […]
  • More Than the White House August 30, 2016
    The media often act as if the only election is for the presidency. But so much more is at stake. Top on the list is control of the U.S. Senate. That is critical for many reasons, especially for confirming or rejecting judicial nominees. One example of a critical Senate race is in Florida, where Family […]
  • Is There Hope for America? | Video August 25, 2016
    Religious freedom on the ropes. God being pushed out of the public square. Families struggling to survive, let alone thrive. The current state of our culture can often leave one wondering if there is any hope left for America. Dr. Wayne Grudem, says there is much to be hopeful about. He spoke at the Family […]
  • Study Debunks ‘Born This Way’ Theory August 25, 2016
    A report in The New Atlantis says there is no scientific evidence that people are born gay. Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh worked to summarize research on the subject. They are concerned that more and more drastic measures are being taken to “help” those who are confused about their identity – with disastrous results. For […]
  • Family Policy Alliance Needs Your Help August 25, 2016
    Family Policy Alliance is searching for the right candidate to fill the position of Vice President, Public Policy and we need your help. Do you know someone interested in leading a public policy team for a growing national organization? They must be able to plan and execute a strategy for passing or defeating legislation, identify […]
  • Four Things You Can Do About Bathroom Policies August 23, 2016
    Even though a judge has halted the implementation of transgender bathroom policies for now, you still need to be armed with the right information should another court put their stamp of approval on the issue. Our friends at The Family Leader of Iowa, one of Family Policy Alliance’s nearly 40 state-based policy groups have written […]
  • Obama Bathroom Edict Stopped by Federal Judge | Family Policy Briefing August 23, 2016
    A federal district court judge says the Obama Administration does not have the authority to interpret Title IX law and that the push to include biological males in girl’s restrooms, locker rooms and even sports teams must cease while a lawsuit moves forward. Autumn Leva, director of policy for Family Policy Alliance, tells us why […]
    Stuart Shepard
  • Power vs. Principle August 16, 2016
    U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster got into politics because he saw an unfair zoning ordinance that needed to be fixed. What started with a local election in Florida ended up with Webster’s rise to the House of Representatives and a career as a statesman. Webster was our keynote speaker at the 2016 Family Policy Alliance FPC […]

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