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  • ICYMI – Trump: Churches Are Essential! May 26, 2020
    IN CASE YOU MISSED IT On Friday afternoon, President Trump declared that churches and other houses of worship were “essential” and that state governors should also classify them as such. While several states had already moved to reopen churches prior to the President’s announcement, other states have been more tentative, and the President’s announcement could not […]
    Robert Noland
  • COLORADO: Plan to Attend Truth and Liberty Coalition Conference 2020 May 26, 2020
    Dear Friends, With the current state of affairs in our society, have you considered what the culture will look like in the next fifty, twenty, or even ten years? Will the next generation know right from wrong? Will parents be allowed to exercise their God-given rights and responsibilities? Will the church be able to speak […]
    Robert Noland
  • Ask Gov. Murphy to Allow Churches to Safely Reopen May 26, 2020
    Two weeks ago, 100 pastors signed our letter to ask Governor Murphy to place Houses of Worship in Phase 1 of his reopening plan. Gov. Murphy choose not to respond. Therefore, last week Family Policy Alliance of NJ partnered with pastors from across the state and attorney Demetrios Stratis to send a second legal letter […]
    Robert Noland
  • Trump: Churches Are Essential! May 22, 2020
    When COVID-19 first became evident in America, churches across the country did something unheard of in a country built on a rich and strong foundation of religious freedom—they closed their doors. Now we all know that God’s work isn’t constrained to the four walls of a church. His people have been very much at work […]
    Robert Noland
  • BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Jeff Jones for State House May 22, 2020
    Our state is a top target for the radical Left, and, now more than ever, we must support our strong conservative leaders. That’s why we’re proud to announce our endorsement of Representative Jeff Jones. Jeff Jones is a true conservative. He believes in smaller government, is adamantly pro-life, supports religious freedom, and fights to secure […]
    Robert Noland
  • Here’s a Resource for This Critical Race That Will Affect EVERY North Dakotan May 21, 2020
    Dear North Dakota Families, Of the many primary races currently underway, I can think of few with such a stark contrast in candidates as the race for State Treasurer. Dan Johnston, one of our Statesmen Academy graduates, is running against Thomas Beadle – and the differences between them on family issues are dramatic. It comes […]
    Robert Noland
  • The Sacred Duty to Vote May 21, 2020
    Friends, Voting looks different for most of us this year than it has in years past. As you know, the state primary election is being conducted entirely by mail. But regardless of what this election looks like, it is still true that Christians have a biblical responsibility to vote. The biblical origins of this duty […]
    Robert Noland
  • Harvard vs. Families May 21, 2020
    Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming believes in the family. If you wonder what it means to “believe in families” you would not be alone. Most people think, “Everyone believes in families, right?” Well. Not so much. In June, a summit was scheduled Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program and was organized around the topic Homeschooling […]
    Robert Noland

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