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  • Is the Sun Rising or Setting On the United States? February 26, 2021
    This is the Speaker’s Chair in Independence Hall. George Washington sat there in 1787 as the Constitution was being debated, drafted, and adopted. Ben Franklin, in his 80’s, had to be daily carried in. When Washington declared the document adopted, Franklin stood and said, “Throughout these months, Mr. Chairman, I have listened to the arguments […]
    Sara McGee
  • Another Deadly Bill in Santa Fe February 26, 2021
    Callousness and disrespect for life takes many forms, and this year at the Roundhouse, we’re seeing it at both ends of life. In regard to life in the womb, hundreds of you have used our Action Center to send messages urging the Governor to veto the radical abortion bill. Thank you. Today, we’re appealing to […]
    Robert Noland
  • Beginning of Session February 26, 2021
    Friends, Here it is! While the Legislative session has already convened in the virtual world, Next week starts the beginning of the in-person session for 2021. We have been waiting for this moment. With the opening of legislative deliberation and lawmaking upon us, I thought I would share with you Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s […]
    Sara McGee
  • It’s now or never February 25, 2021
    Governor Murphy had 45 days to veto the transgender identity lessons in kindergarten bill (assembly bill 4454). That day was today! However, the Assembly was not in session and by state law, the chamber of origin must be in session on the 45th day or the governor has until the next time that chamber meets […]
    Robert Noland
  • Pelosi’s House Just Passed Most Dangerous Bill. Now What? February 25, 2021
    Just a little while ago, the U.S. House voted 224-206 to pass H.R. 5, the deceptively named bill that is actually the biggest current threat to freedom and the sanctity of life. What now? In some ways, this is where the battle really begins. It was always a longshot to stop the so-called “Equality Act” […]
    Robert Noland
  • When Nobody Hears Your Voice February 25, 2021
    I recently received an email from a very trusted source that frankly scared me. It was about a bill in Congress called the Equality Act – a horrible piece of legislation that would actually increase inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. However, it was not the bill itself […]
    Sara McGee
  • Women are standing up! Add your voice! February 25, 2021
    This session has been all about standing up for women! First, with the swift passage of Value Them Both that if passed on a public ballot will ensure that women are not left alone to be exploited by the abortion industry. And now with a hearing on the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act to protect […]
    Robert Noland
  • Rally Recap: Thousands Tuned In for Unprecedented Event February 25, 2021
    This morning, thousands of you tuned in to Facebook and YouTube for the #EqualityActExposed rally. Since the event first aired live, it’s garnered more than 32,000 impressions – and counting. If you joined us live or afterward, thank you for joining to speak out to Congress. Today we made a clear statement that Americans oppose […]
    Robert Noland

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