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  • When the Church Says Abortion Is Ok March 23, 2018
    By Brittany Jones, Policy Manager We celebrated World Down Syndrome Day on Wednesday. My social media feeds were full of friends and family celebrating the lives of people with Down syndrome. Yet, “fetal abnormalities” seems to be the one time that even some conservative churches are ok with abortion. When a prenatal screening or test […]
  • Thousands Speak Up Against Anti-Freedom Nominee March 23, 2018
    By John Paulton, Mobilization Manager In the last week, thousands of Americans have responded to Family Policy Alliance’s call to urge President Trump to submit a new nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As you may recall from our earlier alert, the president nominated Chai Feldblum to another term on the EEOC. Feldblum, a […]
  • CALIFORNIA: Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender March 22, 2018
    A California Assembly committee is about to vote on a bill that would push foster children towards transgenderism.  Your quick help is needed to stop it! Assembly Bill 2119 mandates that puberty-blocking drugs and sex-change surgeries be made available to foster kids who believe they are trapped in the wrong body.  In addition, counseling for […]
  • MASSACHUSETTS: Raise Your Voice to Stop the Attack on Religious Freedom March 22, 2018
    Your state representative could vote any day now on a bill that would seriously attack religious freedom – even putting the livelihoods of some Massachusetts business owners on the line.  The state House is likely to vote on this soon, and your voice is needed to help stop it! H.767 would prevent corporations from claiming […]
  • The Fate of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers March 20, 2018
    By Stephanie Curry, an attorney and policy manager for Family Policy Alliance Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear its first abortion-related case since the appointment of Neil Gorsuch. The case, NIFLA v. Becerra, will have enormous implications for the nation and the pro-life movement. As we discussed in the article “Should Pregnancy Centers Be […]
  • COLORADO: Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender March 19, 2018
    A Colorado House committee is about to vote on a bill that would push many minors towards transgenderism.  Your quick help is needed to stop it! House Bill 1245 is what is known as a “therapy ban.”  It would ban professional counseling for children and teens who are struggling with their gender identity.  But the […]
  • A Life Worth Living March 16, 2018
    By Brittany Jones, an attorney and policy manager with Family Policy Alliance Eliminating the undesirable in society. That sounds like a sentence that might have been used in Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, it is a phrase that is associated with abortion laws in the United States and in Europe. In Iceland, for example, nearly 100% of […]
  • CALIFORNIA: Nationwide Alliance Stepping Up for Huge California Battle March 16, 2018
    On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case with enormous implications for California and the nation.  At issue is whether California pro-life pregnancy centers can be forced to promote abortion. There are well over 150 pregnancy centers in California that provide free resources to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. These centers […]

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