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  • Happy Father’s Day 2021 June 20, 2021
      Proverbs 22:6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”   Dear Dads (and everyone who loves their Dad): As a dad, I am always doing my best to look out for the needs of my family. That means working to […]
    Robert Noland
  • A WIN for Children and Religious Freedom! June 18, 2021
    It’s not often that we hear of government bodies agreeing on a decision. But yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a UNANIMOUS judgement in favor of children and religious freedom. What happened? Here are the facts. The case: Fulton v. City of Philadelphia Catholic Social Services (CSS) is a longstanding faith-based nonprofit that serves the […]
    Robert Noland
  • URGENT ALERT: Wichita City Council seeks to impose SOGI June 18, 2021
    On Tuesday, at the behest of LGBTQ+ activist organizations, the Wichita City Council tried to quietly impose a sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination law (SOGI) on the people of Wichita. Across the country we’ve seen these laws used as a sword to go after business owners, teachers, public leaders, and even churches and pastors […]
    Robert Noland
  • LGBTQ Pride Month June 18, 2021
    You probably know by now that June is being celebrated as LGBTQ Pride Month. The purpose of the month is to celebrate and promote the LGBTQ culture, to recognize the Stonewall riots that happened in 1969, and to acknowledge the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on local, national, and international […]
    Robert Noland
  • Court finally put children ahead of radical ideology June 17, 2021
    The Biden Administration is trying to push the Equality Act through the Senate. And now they have attempted to unilaterally redefine sex in Title IX – putting girl’s opportunities at risk. The City of Philadelphia attempted to punish Catholic Services for living out their beliefs, disregarding the needs of children in their community. But today […]
    Robert Noland
  • Get Dads Involved June 17, 2021
    AllProDad.com has great resources and advice for parenting. In an article from earlier this year they shared this story. “In the late 1930s, as segregation ruled the south, a Black father took his son to a shoe store. Upon entering, they found two open seats near the front. Immediately, the store clerk told them he would […]
    Robert Noland
  • A Fearful Master June 17, 2021
      A proverb often attributed to George Washington states: “Government … like fire, is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”   While it’s uncertain that George Washington really spoke those words, the proverb still rings true and captures the challenge that has faced humanity since the first governments were formed in history. Government can […]
    Robert Noland
  • When There Is No More Father’s Day! June 17, 2021
    When There Is No More Father’s Day! As strange as that may sound, that day may be closer than you think! If we listen to transgender activists, politicians, and some educators, “gendered” words are outdated, antiquated and oppressive vestiges of a bygone era, despite being the norm for all of human history up to this […]
    Robert Noland

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