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WDCX Events

Grace Race FI
CCA Grace Race 2016

The Grace Race is a 5k running race and a 2k family-friendly walk through Williamsville. The race starts at the Village Pointe cul-de-sac and leads you

The Radiant Conference

RADIANT is a conference designed to cultivate, encourage, and boldly call women to live brilliantly for the soul-satisfying sufficiency of Jesus Christ in all areas of their lives. It’s easy as


The WONDERJAM festival is coming back to Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughn ON on June 18 2016!!

This years lineup includes:

The Longest Day 2016

The Longest Day is a team event to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association®. Held annually on the summer solstice, the duration of this sunrise-to-sunset event symbolizes

Kingdom Bound 2016

Kingdom Bound has produced New York State’s largest Christian Music & Arts Festival for 29 years. But as you can see, we’re far more than just a Festival.

alz walk FI
The Walk to End Alzheimers 2016

Held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide, the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s

Community Events

Evangelism Outreach Conference

The purpose of this conference is to seek out the lost souls for the kingdom of God and compel them to get

Allan Scott Band

Concert Date: 6/11/16 from 6-8 p.m.

Christ Community

ng fi
Northgate Christian Community Alpha Course

Northgate Christian Community, will host the Alpha course this summer.

Join us for an 8- week series that will meet at 6:00 PM on Tuesday evenings beginning

Run for Life 5K

The Run For Life 5k Run/Walk benefits organizations in WNY who help women choose life for their unborn child.  This year all registration monies will be donated to the


  • Your Statesmen Academy May 26, 2016
    In the toxic world of today’s politics, the teachings of Jesus and Paul can seem oddly quaint and thoroughly misplaced. How can political opponents love one another, be gracious and even forgiving? The fact is, all of these principles – the Golden Rule, the Second Greatest Commandment, the Fruit of the Spirit – are required […]
  • States Take Obama Administration to Task for Bathroom Decree May 25, 2016
    Several states have jointly filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration for pushing its bathroom agenda onto public schools. An announcement was made recently, giving “guidance” on Title IX and opening all public school bathrooms, showers and locker rooms to all students regardless of their biological sex. Policy Director Autumn Leva tells us that there […]
    Stuart Shepard
  • College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Gender May 24, 2016
    The debate over gender confusion is everywhere right now. Protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls in the most vulnerable spaces – locker rooms, showers and restrooms – is on the national stage. Family Policy Alliance is proud to work with the Family Policy Institute of Washington. FPIW has produced a series of […]
  • Life’s Worth Fighting For May 24, 2016
    This message must ring loud and clear to our seniors, and those with disabilities or terminal illnesses: “We will not abandon you to assisted suicide.” And, because of you, this message is being heard at state capitols across the nation. Through your support, CitizenLink (soon to be Family Policy Alliance), our national ally Focus on […]
  • Obama DOJ Oversteps on Restroom Agenda May 17, 2016
    The Obama Administration continued its overreach on Friday by issuing an edict declaring that all public school restrooms, locker rooms and showers should be open to members of either sex, based on a student’s declared gender identity. The statement included a threat to withhold federal funds from states that do not give in. It’s one […]
  • Signs of Hope May 17, 2016
    Signs of hope are springing up all over the country, thanks to your support for Family Policy Alliance and your network of state allies. While Washington, D.C., remains mired in gridlock, encouraging victories continue to roll in at the state level. Here are a few of your victories achieved through Family Policy Alliance. Pushing back […]
  • These Elected Officials Oppose President Obama’s Decree on Public School Restrooms May 17, 2016
    We’ve compiled a list of elected officials who are standing against President Obama’s edict on bathrooms in public schools. You’ll find articles attached if you’re interested in reading more. Alabama Attorney General Opposes Article Arkansas Governor Opposes Article Idaho Governor, Lt. Gov., and Top Education Official Oppose Article Indiana Governor Opposes Article Kentucky Governor Opposes […]
    Stuart Shepard
  • Ask Me First: Kate May 12, 2016
    We want you to hear from Kate. We think her opinion matters. As we all consider the policy changes we’re seeing concerning privacy in restrooms and locker rooms, we think there are certain voices being ignored — perhaps on purpose. We encourage you to share Kate’s story to offer people a different perspective on this […]
    Stuart Shepard