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  • The field is set August 13, 2020
    With Joe Biden’s selection of fiercely liberal Kamala Harris as his running mate and the people of Georgia finalizing their nomination selections on Tuesday, we now know who and what we are up against. The field of names you will see on the ballot in November is set. And, the choices are clear. Here are […]
    Robert Noland
  • When Abortion Gets Even More Sinister August 13, 2020
    Have you heard of a group called The Satanic Temple (TST)? While they proclaim not to believe in Satan (which I found confusing to say the least), they state, “Satan is a symbol of the Eternal Rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority, forever defending personal sovereignty even in the face of insurmountable odds.” I presume […]
    Robert Noland
  • Elections Have Consequences! August 13, 2020
    “Elections have consequences.” My friend Barth Bracey from RI Right to Life is prone to say this often. You’re not just voting for a person: you’re voting for the policies that person will help make. In Rhode Island, I’m sad to report that many of our elected officials are passing legislation that is devastating for […]
    Robert Noland
  • I need your help. August 13, 2020
    Dear Friends— I need your help. As I previously shared, one of the encouraging stories this year has been the faithful generosity of local ministry partners like you. Though COVID impacted our giving in the Spring, I am pleased to report that we are now back on track to hit our fundraising target for the […]
    Robert Noland
  • What Is Left for The Family? August 13, 2020
    Society fails to function properly outside of the structures and institutions so clearly defined in the Genesis narrative of creation. Humans inherited an intelligence and a safe environment to live out their purpose of work and production. The family unit, consisting of a father and a mother, was the foundational institution that God intended to […]
    Robert Noland
  • How Extreme? The Facts About Kamala Harris August 12, 2020
    If Joe Biden intended to distance himself from the extreme Left with his VP pick yesterday, he failed. Sen. Kamala Harris, whom Biden tapped as his running mate, holds positions that are among the most radical in the U.S. Senate, especially on social issues. To get a sense of where she’s coming from ideologically, just […]
    Robert Noland
  • Teacher Worried About “Parent Oversight” August 12, 2020
    A Philadelphia teacher accidentally set Twitter on fire when he publicly posted his form of admitting to what many parents have long been concerned about—indoctrination in the classroom away from the watchful and protective eyes of parents. He’s worried that parents (especially conservative parents) might “interfere” with what typically happens in his classroom when classes […]
    Robert Noland
  • Vote Now! 2020’s Biggest Politician Fails August 10, 2020
    Friends, Recently, we announced the inaugural 2020 Family Policy Alliance Donkey Awards for the biggest politician fails of the year. We asked you to visit our website and vote for the worst of the worst—and many of you did so. For those of you who did not, there is still time to get in on […]
    Robert Noland

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