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Where: Getzville (Buffalo), NY at The Chapel – CrossPoint Campus When: Thursday, September 27, 2018 Starts:  7:00PM Doors Open: 6:00PM

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PATH Freedom Walk

Join us and walk for freedom on behalf of those exploited in Western New York! All proceeds benefit the PATH Enrichment Center supporting women and youth who are at risk or have been exploited. Hear […]


  • The Story You Helped Write in the Primary Elections September 14, 2018
    As I shared with you last week in “Are We Stuck in a House of Cards America?”, winning an election doesn’t matter for the sake of winning an election. When our preferred candidate wins an election, the real winning is what happens when those good elected leaders work tirelessly to pass strong prolife, pro-family, pro-religious […]
  • What Really Happens at Drag Queen Story Hours September 11, 2018
    You may have read our recent report about the latest effort to normalize sexual brokenness and push it on our kids. It’s called Drag Queen Story Hour, and if it hasn’t come to your community – maybe even your library – keep an eye out for it. But what actually happens at one of these […]
  • Are We Stuck in a “House of Cards” America? September 7, 2018
    By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance® Our culture today seems obsessed with “dirty politics.” Cover-ups, power grabs, constant division and name-calling, obsessing over every poll and potential election outcome, leaders finding themselves caught up in some scandal—sadly, usually one that destroys their family. It’s almost as if the country wants to […]
  • CALIFORNIA: Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender September 6, 2018
    Gov. Brown is about to decide on a bill that would push foster children towards transgenderism.  Your quick help is needed to stop it! Assembly Bill 2119 mandates that puberty-blocking drugs and sex-change surgeries be made available to foster kids who believe they are trapped in the wrong body.  In addition, counseling for kids with […]
  • “Chaos”: Left Targets Kavanaugh – and What You Can Do! September 4, 2018
    If it wasn’t evident already, this morning made clear that the Left is holding nothing back to defeat Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh’s first day before the Senate Judiciary Committee was marred by angry protests and about two dozen arrests – mainly of pro-abortion and LGBT protesters who interrupted […]
  • Update on Penrose Library’s Drag Queen Story Time August 31, 2018
    What an amazing response from El Paso County! Since we sent out the original alert just a few days ago, more than 400 of you – Colorado Springs and El Paso County residents – have sent messages to local leaders. That is a phenomenal response that has clearly gotten the attention of local officials. Most […]
  • Stunning Win! California “Hush Up” Bill Shut Down After Believers Speak Up! August 31, 2018
    Pro-family Californians won a stunning victory this morning, as an ominous bill that would classify many communications of Biblical sexuality as “consumer fraud” was scuttled on the last day of the California legislative session. For months, Family Policy Alliance has been alerting our friends in California and working with our allies at California Family Council […]
  • MISSOURI- Ask Sen. McCaskill to Confirm Judge Kavanaugh! August 30, 2018
    With the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh set to begin next week, your help is needed to urge Sen. Claire McCaskill to support Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh has the education, experience, temperament and record that qualifies him squarely for the role as a Supreme Court Justice. Yet the Left is stopping at […]

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