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The 5 Love Languages with Gary Chapman – TORONTO

New York Times Best Selling Author and Speaker Dr. Gary Chapman is back in Canada on the 26h Anniversary of the release of his New York Times Best Selling book and series The Five Love […]

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  • Isabella’s Faith on Campus – Will YOU Stand with Her? November 14, 2018
    Isabella Chow is a student senator at University of California—Berkeley. She’s been labeled as a “horrible person” and a “mental imbecile” by her peers. Hundreds are petitioning for her to resign from student government or be recalled.  Her political party has cut all ties with her. Berkeley’s student newspaper happily published an editorial critical of […]
  • COLORADO: After the Election, Now What? November 8, 2018
    On Tuesday, Colorado took a giant step to the Left. The voters of our state chose as their leader someone who is not only the first openly gay man to be elected governor in any state, but he can accurately be described as the first gay activist to be elected governor. Jared Polis was one […]
  • Victories: How You Helped Re-Write Midterm History Last Night November 7, 2018
    Family Policy Alliance President Paul Weber with new U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer after last night’s election in Fargo, N.D.  Family Policy Alliance supporters made possible a major investment in this critical prolife, pro-family victory. It was supposed to be a blue tidal wave. The media said so, and history said so. But good people who […]
  • “Every Vote Critical”; Still Time to Cast Yours! November 6, 2018
    Yesterday, the last batch of polls came in, and they confirmed how tight many races are – from U.S. Senate races to governor’s races and more. Today, there are reports of voter turnout that is well above average in many places, which could further complicate the predictions that political prognosticators have been making. The bottom […]
  • VOTE TODAY and Then Watch These Races with Us Tonight! November 6, 2018
    Election Day is finally here! That calls for a celebration in two ways. First, no more ads! We all appreciate that. But second and more importantly, we are among the few people in the annals of history who have had the privilege to elect our leaders. And as Christians, voting is both a stewardship responsibility […]
  • What’s Next on the Transgender Front? Here’s a Stunning List. October 31, 2018
    For years, the biggest fallout from the growing transgender movement has been the debate over the use of private spaces, especially bathrooms and locker rooms. But while that debate will continue, the transgender demands are about to get much broader.  A look at recent stories in the news reveals a stunning array of concerns related […]
  • Voting Resources for Your State … to Use and to Share! October 26, 2018
    This enormous mid-term election is now just days away. Soon, we’ll be reading the results. But on this side of November 6, you still have a chance to shape those results by voting. Countless important elections are decided every year by just a few votes. Your voice matters. And you can also make a difference […]
  • New Jersey Action Update: Vote on Assisted Suicide Could Happen Monday October 25, 2018
    We just got word that the New Jersey legislature could be voting on Monday on a bill that would legalize assisted suicide. Please take action today – even if you’ve contacted your legislators before! The bill (A1504) would allow doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of drugs to anyone who has been “qualified” to end […]

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