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Van Beek's Landscape Supply

A Heritage of Excellence: Celebrating 60 Years of Family, Satisfied Customers, and Top-Quality Products

In the year 1962, Van Beek’s came into being not through the conventional means of a brick-and-mortar store but rather from the unlikely setting of a school bus! George Van Beek, with ingenuity and resourcefulness, filled a vivid yellow bus with a creative soil mixture that he had meticulously formulated on his family’s local farm. The result, known as “Van Beek’s Premium Original Mixed Soil,” soon piqued the interest of landscaping experts and fervent gardening enthusiasts in the Oakville community. As word spread and demand grew, this unique venture developed into a flourishing family enterprise. Remarkably, that very same esteemed triple mix soil continues to hold its position as a highly sought-after product among our clientele today.

From the moment George Van Beek embarked on his remarkable bus journey in 1962, Van Beek’s has remained steadfast in its commitment to championing a distinctive and innovative approach. This unwavering dedication has not only differentiated us from the competition but also established our reputation as a pioneering force within the industry. Our loyal patrons have come to trust us implicitly, confident in the knowledge that we will always go above and beyond to provide them with more—be it in terms of superior-quality products, an extensive and diverse selection, consistently reasonable pricing, or the highest standard of customer support and care.

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