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Radio keeps getting stronger!  And now, you can find highlights from your favorite WDCX programs right on the WDCX YouTube channel.  Explore this page to find some of our favorite highlights.  Or, click the link below to go directly to WDCX on YouTube!

Listener Gives Her Life to Christ LIVE on WDCX Radio

Not a Skin Problem, But a Sin Problem – NBL Highlight

In All Things – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

WDCX’s Two Minute Bible Study (1 CORINTHIANS 13:13 AND 1 JOHN 4:8)

WDCX’s Two Minute Bible Study (MATTHEW 6:19-21)

WDCX’s Two Minute Bible Study (1 JOHN 1:8)

North America’s Ideological Divide

Will You Get the Covid Vaccine? – National Crawford Roundtable Highlight

Crawford Broadcasting Gives Thanks

Should Pastors Be Celebrities? – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

Should President Trump Concede? – The National Crawford Roundtable Highlight

A Story of Healing Amidst Devastating Circumstances – NBL Highlight

Can America Keep Its Republic? – The Crawford STAND Highlight

The Consequence of Not Voting – The Crawford STAND Highlight

The Erosion of the Constitution – The Crawford STAND Highlight

Don’t Vote for an Oligarchy – The Crawford STAND Highlight

What You’ll Really Get if You Vote Democrat – The Crawford STAND Highlight

A Vote That Could Change the World – The Crawford STAND Highlight

Biblical Fellowship – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

Vote for a Platform, Not a Person – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

A Modern Story of God’s Divine Plan – NBL Highlight

Was the First 2020 Debate a Tie? – National Crawford Roundtable Highlight

What Makes an Effective Leader? – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

The Destruction of Religious Freedom – The Crawford STAND Highlight

The Bondage of Holding a Grudge (with Clarence Mason, author of “Leave the Plantation”) – NBL Moment

America: A Work in Progress, Built on Hard Work – The Crawford STAND Highlight

Exercising Discernment Amidst a Political Narrative – National Crawford Roundtable Highlight

Have Democrats Served the Black Community Well? – NBL Moment

The Church’s Biblical Illiteracy – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

Moral Vs Political Issues: Balancing Faith and Politics (Originally Aired on 103.5-FM WMUZ, Detroit)

The Cultural Invasion of Marxism – Brett Larson’s SKOPOS

Epidemic of Violence in America – The Crawford STAND Highlight

A Biblical Commentary on Social Justice – The Crawford STAND Highlight

Are School Closures Being Politicized? – National Crawford Roundtable Highlight

The Dangers of Tribalism in the Church (with Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker) – NBL Moment

“Lord, Show me ME!” (Lesson in truly loving others: 85 year old listener, Gennie Perry) – NBL Moment

God’s Power Over Life – NBL Moment

Neil Boron Interviews Jim Harden of CompassCare

Join Team WDCX at the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Brothers McClurg on LifeLine with Neil Boron

WDCX Presents A Classic Christmas

WDCX Steps Out in Support of Law Enforcement with its Props to Cops Campaign


Annie Lobert – I Am Second

annie lobert