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SKOPOS is the Greek word for focus, to view, or to aim. In this editorial, Brett will take topics of leadership, morality, growth, life, etc., focus in on them and hope to provide some insight, or at minimum, thought provoking opinion. We hope you enjoy and are challenged!

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Every year, Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier, often before the Thanksgiving holiday. My wife, Kim, really dislikes this practice and rightfully so. Of course, for secular businesses, Thanksgiving is of little value, but Christmas can

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Look Around

There’s a lot to learn from the oldest book of the Bible. As tragedy and uncertainty seem to increase all around us in the modern world we can, ironically, learn a whole lot from the oldest biblical

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A Whole New World

Recently on Lifeline (3-6pm on WDCX) we stirred up a whole bunch of controversy about Genesis 1-2 and creation…and it was good. I know, you’re probably thinking how could controversy be good, we need answers, we need

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All New

The bible tells us that when we are born again, all things are made new. Have you ever wondered what that really means? Does it mean that we get new clothes, a new car, new stuff…what does

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Hard Work

Proverbs 16:3 tells us to commit our work to the Lord and our plans will be established. Hard work is underrated in our tech savvy and entitlement-driven society.  The late Dr. Jerry Falwell, whom I loved like

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