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SKOPOS is the Greek word for focus, to view, or to aim. In this editorial, Brett will take topics of leadership, morality, growth, life, etc., focus in on them and hope to provide some insight, or at minimum, thought provoking opinion. We hope you enjoy and are challenged!

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Christ’s church is beautiful. We are family…and well, families have issues. We have weird uncles and we have rogue cousins, we have a few that don’t get along, and a couple of real screw-ups too. Yet, we

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Walking Tall

An old movie series call “Walking Tall” is the story of a retired pro-wrestler turned vigilante against corruption in his home town. The idea is that he “walks tall” with pride and is unwilling to bend to

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Reality Check

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from his death on the cross is as essential to Christianity as an engine is to a car. Without it, the whole endeavor is pointless. The resurrection finishes the work that Jesus

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Bandwagon Fans

Every year it happens, a sports team rises out of nowhere to success and all of the sudden their logos are everywhere! The Cubs finally start winning and all of the sudden people I’ve never seen with

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Get Up!

Are you stuck in the mistakes of your past? So many of us are deflated, worn out, caught in the vortex of sins that haunt us…yet we want to do more for God. We feel inadequate or

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With all of the recent political opinions within the church, issues and disagreements (especially on social media) seem to be rampant. Of course, this is nothing new with Christians (or people in general) and is just a

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In Nehemiah 2, we see that Nehemiah was a leader; he worked for the King of Persia in the capital. He was an administrator and was well respected. Persia controlled Jerusalem and much of Judea as about

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Real Christmas

Christmas is a crazy time of year. There are people to buy for, kid’s programs, church events, and all sorts of activities. The streets are busy with determined (and distracted) shoppers…which makes the traffic a bit scary.

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Every year, Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier, often before the Thanksgiving holiday. My wife, Kim, really dislikes this practice and rightfully so. Of course, for secular businesses, Thanksgiving is of little value, but Christmas can

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Look Around

There’s a lot to learn from the oldest book of the Bible. As tragedy and uncertainty seem to increase all around us in the modern world we can, ironically, learn a whole lot from the oldest biblical

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A Whole New World

Recently on Lifeline (3-6pm on WDCX) we stirred up a whole bunch of controversy about Genesis 1-2 and creation…and it was good. I know, you’re probably thinking how could controversy be good, we need answers, we need

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All New

The bible tells us that when we are born again, all things are made new. Have you ever wondered what that really means? Does it mean that we get new clothes, a new car, new stuff…what does

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Hard Work

Proverbs 16:3 tells us to commit our work to the Lord and our plans will be established. Hard work is underrated in our tech savvy and entitlement-driven society.  The late Dr. Jerry Falwell, whom I loved like

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  I recently heard some fantastic advice as I watched a video from Liberty University Seminary. Dr. Dave Hirschman was speaking and his reference was Exodus 4 when Moses was called by God and felt inadequate, saying

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He is Here

  In John 14:8-9, Philip asked Jesus to show him the “Father” and that it would be enough to comfort and give him strength.  Then Jesus said: “Don’t you know me…anyone who has seen me, has seen

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Move the Sticks

  My son cracks me up when he plays Madden (NFL Video Game for those who don’t know).  He pretty much goes for a touchdown every play, and he’s usually successful.  But, that strategy rarely works in

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  If you’ve ever experienced a symphony playing at its finest, then you know the unmatched beauty and sound that no electronic system can match. Within that beauty, there is a surprising complexity of movements and individual

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The Monuments Men

  “The Monuments Men” is a recent movie that tells the story of a special military unit of art experts who were commissioned with recovering the many masterpieces that Hitler had pillaged and had stolen from across

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New Beginnings

  Yes, this is another “blog” about New Year’s resolutions…but, stay with me, I’ve got a different take. I like new beginnings, new goals, and restarts as much as anyone else. However, I’m not a big fan

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ISIS: Justice

  I’ve been holding my tongue (keyboard) lately. I have seen several bloggers and so-called internet-theologians (save that for another day) write about the recent happenings regarding ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Quite frankly, some of what

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  Have you ever been worn out? I’m not talking about the kind of tired that comes after a good workout. And, I’m not talking about when work or school has you tired from a crazy a

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Weak or Strong

  It’s funny how trends work. They are temporary, but in the moment they seem like eternal necessities. Mom, I HAVE to have those certain sneakers…or clothing. To keep this short, recently I’ve noticed a huge trend

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Messy Faith

  First, I need to apologize as I have neglected SKOPOS for awhile now. It’s not that it isn’t on my mind, it’s just that we’ve experienced a very busy season at WDCX and when I did

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