Rogers Motors - Oakville's largest used car dealership.

Rogers Motors has changed the car-buying experience in a big way! If you’re interested in a vehicle, it’s moved off the lot and into a private showroom. This designated space allows you and you alone to look over the vehicle with minimal interaction from sales reps. And all the information about the vehicle can be found on the TV monitor in the showroom. Rogers Motors is the only dealership offering this kind of personalized car-buying experience because they believe in giving everyone who visits them superior customer service. It’s just another way owners and brothers Matthew, Ray, and Roger conduct business that lives up to the sign on the wall that says, “Christ is the Head of this Company.”

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Contact Ray and Roger at Rogers Motors and find out how they can get you into your dream car today!

ROGER’S MOTORS was founded in 2004 by Refaat Toma and his three sons, Roger, Reyad and Mathew. Refaat Toma graduated with his bachelors degree in Aeronautical and Automobile Engineering from Chelsea College in 1980, and has been a Licensed Mechanic ever since.

Our No-Haggle Pricing and No Salesman approach, not only makes our service stand out, but more importantly makes your shopping experience as joyful as it should be, and ensures you that everyone you meet at our dealership is out to serve your needs.

+905 618 0350

1035 Speers Rd. Oakville ON L6L 2X5