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Saturday Programming Schedule

12:00 AM Hope in the Night June Hunt
2:00 AM MUSIC  
3:00 AM Spoken Word Richard Miles
3:30 AM MUSIC  
 6:00 AM Legacy Publishing Various Hosts
 6:30 AM Purity Products Various Hosts
 7:00 AM Car Connection Nile Jenkins
 9:00 AM MUSIC  
10:00 AM Money Matters Cesar Lauper
 11:00 AM The Raugh Truth Robbie Raugh
 12:00 PM Paws & Tales Chuck Swindoll
12:30 PM A Visit With Mrs. G Kitty Anna Griffiths
 12:45 PM MUSIC  
 1:30 PM Legacy Publishing Various Hosts
 2:00 PM Purity Products Various Hosts
 2:30 PM Synergixx Various Hosts
 3:00 PM Lifeline Neil Boron
 5:00 PM Vim & Vigor Various Hosts
 5:30 PM MUSIC  
 6:00 PM Defending the Truth Bob Dutko
7:00 PM The KD Good News Show Dr. Kerry Dennis and
Eden Mesganaw
9:00 PM CrossEyed Radio Michael Chorey
11:00 PM Synergixx Various Hosts
11:30 PM MUSIC