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Termination from a job can come out of nowhere.

One minute you’re on the job, the next, you’re escorted from the building with severance package to sign. The faster you sign it, the faster you’ll get your money. But hold on, you could be losing out on money owed to you… A termination clause is in place to limit the severance pay. The Ontario Court of Appealrecently rendered most termination clauses unenforceable. Laws continue to evolve, changing the rules of employment and things like severance packages. That’s why it’s so important to have a lawyer like Leslie Smith with more than 30 years of experience, to review your severance package.

Leslie Smith

Employment lawyer

Leslie brings to her clients a wealth of legal experience gained since her Call to the Ontario Bar in 1988. Articling at an elite litigation firm in Toronto (1986/7), Leslie was first trained in Insurance Law (personal injury, property, casualty, disability) and Civil Litigation. In her own firm since 1995, Leslie’s practice has been focused on Employment Law, primarily assisting employees. Having a reputation as an expert in Canadian Employment Law, Leslie enjoys serving her clients with their workplace issues through negotiation, courtroom advocacy, mediation, workplace remediation and workplace investigations.

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A master communicator, Leslie is able to clearly explain complex legal concepts to her clients. Leslie’s clients are educated as well as represented by one of the best in the industry.

Leslie brings to her clients a wealth of experience gained over the past 27 years since her Call to the Bar of Ontario in 1988:

Negotiation, Written Advocacy, Courtroom Advocacy, Mediation, Deputy Judge Small Claims Court, Lecturer, Speaker, Legal Columnist and now, Author (Legal Ease: Essential Legal Strategies to Protect Canadian Non-Union Employees).

Client-centric service, is Leslie’s mandate.  Respecting her clients’ desire to resolve their cases quickly and efficiently, Leslie provides honest, ethical and wise advice while developing the best legal strategy as needed.


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