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One size fits all… is NOT what you want when it comes to a plan for your financial future. You should have a personally tailored, constructed portfolio that fits who YOU are. At Fichter Wealth Management, they know that every client has different goals and objectives… that’s why they follow the Fichter Wealth Approach – a unique path to financial planning.

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We realize that managing finances can be bewildering and stressful, and that not everyone has the time, energy, or skillset for it. Our firm is a good choice for individuals who desire a practical plan and the security of knowing that their finances are in experienced hands. With our time-tested and disciplined approach, we strive to earn the status of trusted advisor and welcome an opportunity to provide you with same.

Fichter Wealth Management, Inc. was created to solve a quandary in the financial services industry. How do you resolve the conflict between publicly traded companies that are too often more focused on increasing shareholder value rather than client value? Furthermore, how do you properly motivate professionals while retaining objectivity?

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