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Fall is on the horizon, and that means Sunday School will be starting back up again. If you’re a teacher and need to prepare for this year’s material, we have a variety of fun, engaging curriculums for all ages, from kids to adults. Plus, activities and study guides to go along with the topics in the classroom. And if you’re running low on communion supplies, stock on our pre-filled fellowship cups. As always, you can count on Cornerstone Bookshop to have everything on your list at discounted prices.

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Cornerstone Bookshop is a family owned and operated Christian Bookstore in the Toronto community, providing Christ centered resources that edify the Church. By God’s grace, the store opened on May 6th 2006 and we are extremely grateful to God that we can serve Him by serving you as we depend on the Lord for His provision in the future.


89 Finch Ave. West North York, ON M2N 2H6