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You did it! You changed careers and you couldn’t be happier… now what do you do with the pension you left behind? 

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Cesar uses a biblical based framework for decision making, this framework includes his SEVEN BIBLICAL FINANCIAL PRINCIPLES that lead to financial peace.

Cesar, who has decades of experience in the financial services industry, applies a rigorous, detailed financial analysis that optimizes financial strategies best suited to each individual, family or company. His skillful application of the current Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules for investing, successfully constructs long term investing procedures that increase the wealth of his clients. Tax minimization strategies are always top of mind. Cesar’s holistic approach to portfolio optimization effectively integrates investment, insurance and estate planning.

Cesar’s passion, commitment and integrity utilized in his successful personal and financial interactions with investors, has propelled and strengthened his quest for the best financial tactics that evolve into leading edge financial strategies. These leading edge financial strategies are then applied to his clients’ portfolio to accelerate their wealth creation and wealth preservation process.

Cesar Lauper is an independent financial adviser, there is no affiliation between WDCX Radio and the financial services offered by Cesar Lauper. Mutual Fund services offered through IPC Investment Corporation. 

Commentary provided as a general source of information and not to be construed as personal finance advice. 


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