SKOPOS is the Greek word for focus, to view, or to aim. In this editorial, Brett will take topics of leadership, morality, growth, life, etc., focus in on them and hope to provide some insight, or at minimum, thought provoking opinion. We hope you enjoy and are challenged!

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Sweeter As The Days Go By
By: Brett Larson

The news has spread far and wide that little Ben Sauer is "petting Lions" in heaven, as his little brother, Jack, puts it.
This morning, I told our boys that little Ben, whom we prayed for at every meal and every bedtime (and many other times) was now with Jesus. I wondered what questions they would have and if it would make them insecure about their own mortality. They took it as fact and wondered more about what animals he could pet and if bees could sting in heaven. Yup, bees, it's been a frequent topic in our house.
I've experienced this several times with kids and dealing with earthly death. It's very factual and in their hearts, there exist little doubt that Ben is in heaven and with Jesus. It seems this is what Jesus referred to when He talked about a "child-like" faith. (Matt 18:2-4).
How often we over-complicate and distort the simple truth. We try to add our human wisdom and reason to a miraculous God. We all prayed for a miracle here on earth, we desperately wanted Ben to recover, to miraculously beat cancer and we would be able to show the world who God is, what He can do. I caught myself thinking that at times, almost bargaining with the God of the universe that He should heal this little guy so that we can point to Him and show His goodness, even that He's real, He loves. Then I'd catch myself, He's God of the universe, the great I Am, the Beginning and the End; who am I to think that he needs to hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth to prove Himself. He's God. His ways are higher than ours. Without faith, this would be a point of frustration, that God is in control and yet would let this happen. To me, it's a point of comfort. I rest in the fact that He knows better, He has the big picture in view and He is sovereign. I take comfort, realizing He is not subject to mankind's desires, but rather, has eternity- past, present and future, in mind. Who knows what Ben's short life did in terms of Eternity? God knows. Ben is in the best place ever imaginable, perhaps being rewarded for helping more people enjoy paradise in God's presence through his story.
When my brother died suddenly, I remember the sadness, but even more, I remember the sense of certainty it gave me about heaven. Eternity with our loving Creator became more real and a bit sweeter. And now, it has yet again... As time on earth passes, the more tragedy we face causes heaven to get sweeter as the days go by.
But, right now, we mourn the earthly end of a sweet little boy. We cry for the Sauer family and the pain that they have, and will, face. We give latitude and grace for them to question, to cry out, to have any range of emotion they need.
And, we rejoice with Ben. Amazingly, he's the winner, he's having the best time ever and in heaven's time, it'll take less than one day for all of his loved ones to join him! (2 Peter 3:8) 
I Thessalonians 4:13

Weak or Strong
By: Brett Larson

It's funny how trends work. They are temporary, but in the moment they seem like eternal necessities. Mom, I HAVE to have those certain sneakers...or clothing.
To keep this short, recently I've noticed a huge trend on leading through your weaknesses or being so open as to let people know your insecurities and fears, etc. While I really do see the value of being honest and transparent with the people following you, I think leaders need to be wise in what and how they share.
For instance, if William Wallace (Braveheart) said something like "follow me into battle...but, I'm not really strong and not really good at holding this sword and make sure you all get around me because I really can't do this..." I'm pretty sure things turn out a little different. Let's take a biblical example, David. David was strong, even when he was a scrawny kid. He was confident in his relationship with God, he was confident in his abilities to fight with a sling, he knew God would watch over him, he didn't waiver. He didn't say, "I'm not real big, I'm not real strong, so if you all think it's a good idea, I'm gonna try to get this mean giant guy." No, it was more like "show me this big goon, so I can kick his tail in the name of God."
Lesson: no one wants to follow someone who's unsure of their abilities or justification for being in a position of leadership. People want to know that you've got the wheel, it's going to be ok and that you're strong enough to complete the task and win. If you're leading a ministry, they want to know that you have the chops to lead them and that you have the relationship with God that will allow you to draw on His strength for success.
So, yes, be transparent, let them know how you will lean on God, let them know where you need them to help you...what areas you're not as good in and what you're working on. BUT, also let them feel that you are strong enough, capable enough, dedicated enough and brave enough to lead them through and help them win.
In God's strength, lead with confidence.

Messy Faith

By: Brett Larson



First, I need to apologize as I have neglected SKOPOS for awhile now. It’s not that it isn’t on my mind, it’s just that we’ve experienced a very busy season at WDCX and when I did have time to write, I really didn’t feel like I had much to say that was unique.


Well, unfortunately, now I do. This is going to be an honest post; fair warning has been issued. In my humanity, sometimes I just don’t like what God allows. Let me explain; right now, there is a little 4 yr old boy we know that, barring a miracle, has weeks to live. Brain cancer has attacked him and within literal weeks, he’s in a really bad situation. 4 YEARS OLD!?  I barely slept last night, thinking of my own boys and what an absolute nightmare for his parents, devastating, sad, doesn’t even come close to describing the pain. I also found out one of my best friends just lost his brother to a heart attack, at 42 yrs old. He has kids. And, a lady in our church is in very bad shape due to surgery complications. 


Ok, getting real here, I really can’t trace God’s hand here. I find myself saying “c’mon God, this is ridiculous, a 4 yr old boy, 4 YEARS OLD!”  I find myself a little rocked, feeling a bit like God’s hands are off the wheel. 


When my brother died suddenly 11 years ago, I remember asking God “why,” I remember telling Him that I just don’t understand. It didn’t really rock my faith at all, in fact, it strengthened it. And, even now, thinking about that 4 yr old, my faith remains strong, but boy oh boy am I having a hard time seeing anything but destruction toward a godly, strong, sweet family.  It’s so hard with only part of the story, so hard with our finite minds. So scary. 


I consider myself a pretty tough guy. I’m a country boy, an outdoorsman, I exercise, run tough mudders, etc. There is not much that scares me, physically speaking. But, I admit, I’m scared. I catch myself thinking that God is going to allow another tragedy and then another and pretty soon it’ll be my family’s turn…what’s lurking in our future? I know we are supposed to trust Him…but this family trusted Him and look at the monstrous pain they are going through. 

I pray, “Lord, help me, give me a glimpse…I believe, help my unbelief.” I sooooo bad want God to come through with a miracle on this one. I want this so bad for that little boy and family. I am praying without ceasing on this one. Please join me.


Well, before I close, I want you to know that I DO trust God, I trust His plan and I trust his heart. His Word is true, His plan is bigger than our discomfort. He is God, and we are not.

Spurgeon said:


“God is too good to be unkind. He is too wise to be confused. If I cannot trace His hand, I can always trust His heart.”


Even writing this and reading God’s Word, I feel better about trusting that He has this situation in His hand too. From our perspective, we don’t like what’s happening one bit, but the problem is, that’s only our perspective. God’s Word says His ways are higher than our ways…it also asks rhetorically in 1 Corinthians “who can know the mind of God?”


Well, I admit it Lord, I don’t trace Your hand on this one and I don’t know Your mind…but I trust Your heart, and I’m trying to rest in that.

Risk-Reward, Security-Freedom
By: Brett Larson

Probably the most hotly contested issue in the US, especially in NY State, is that of the constitution and freedom, with highlights on the second amendment. While I am very pro-Second Amendment, I want to table the “gun issue” itself and dig deeper into the philosophical trade-off of Freedom and Security.
Those who dreamt of America where not fool-hearty or too utopian in their thinking to not understand the risks and insecurity that freedom would bring. With freedom would come the insecurity of not having England’s army to protect them, England’s economy to bolster them, the organizational structure and support, etc. They realized that significant risk was being taken, but that the reward outweighed the risk.
I fear that we Americans no longer have the guts or fortitude to take on the risk, the insecurity, that is inherent with a free society. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” You can’t have a risk free, totally secure (physically and financially) society without risk, perhaps significant risk, it just doesn’t happen. Our personal lives are a microcosm testament to that. Take a young person who desires to be a doctor. Doctors make lots of money (typically), so it’s a rewarding profession. Trouble is, you have to take on a lot of risk. Med-school is very expensive, takes a long time, is exhausting. The loans alone are scary and daunting, insurance and a host of other expenses. But, if you can make it through the risk, the reward is great.
Our American society is much the same. Bad things happen…sometimes bad things happen because we are free, less-regulated and more capable. However, overall, our country is still the greatest in the world! We take on considerable INsecurity in order to be a free people. As we continue to lose our determination to be free and no longer accept that insecurity, our freedoms suffer. Bad things happen, then we want new and more laws and freedom erodes. The more we depend on outside entities (gov’t) for our security, success, etc., the more we will lose our freedoms and the reward will diminish. Less Risk, Less Reward…that’s just the way it is.
How about you…how “risky” are you willing to live for your Country?  More importantly, how “risky” are you willing to live for God? Are you willing to jump into His care, trust him, risk it all for Him…the reward is great, but the “risk” has to be taken.

Heart Service or Duty Service
By: Brett Larson

When we act out of duty, we do so out of obligation, commitment, law…some sort of mandate on who we are, what career we are in, our family, etc. Duty binds us to a certain response or action. We don’t really have a choice with duty (lest we face negative consequence of some sort)…it’s just what we have to do.
Have you ever seen this in ministry service at your church? Where people are involved in a ministry or a service because they are too afraid not to be involved. They feel it rises and falls on their involvement, “if I don’t do it, it will fall apart.”
Maybe they (you) feel like there is no one to replace you or the wheels will come off if you step out. If you search yourself, you feel trapped, like you have to or negative things will happen.
The problem is, eventually, you will become frustrated, maybe bitter, maybe arrogant, etc. And, your involvement in that ministry will become counter-productive to HIS Kingdom. Sure, you might keep the structure of the ministry going and you might keep something of value moving forward, but it WILL catch up to you. To be clear, I’m not talking about persevering through a season of rough time…I’m talking about when you’ve stayed too long! Do you get where I’m coming from?
I’ve been there… and it’s just not worth it. Newsflash, God is bigger than me and you and he’ll replace you, or he’ll go a new direction and maybe your pet-ministry will change or cease and be replaced by something more ready for growth and heart-felt involvement.
Bottom line, make sure your full heart is in the ministries you commit to, make sure you WANT to do it. God gives you passions for a reason, talents too. If you love to do something, that’s a clue! If you despise it, but feel obligated…RUN! Remember, this whole thing is supposed to fun (ya, I said it). God said the Christian life will be hard as we receive pressure and ridicule, etc., from the outside. He never said that Church and ministry was supposed to be painful! Have Fun! Enjoy! Be Blessed and serve with your heart in the right ministry!

Get ahold of yourself!
By: Brett Larson

Recently, a few friends and I were discussing the trend of young adults who seem to take forever to get their bearings and settle into adult-hood. I know this sounds old and fuddy-duddy (and I can’t believe I’m saying it) but, it really does seem that it’s taking some in younger generations forever to “grow up.”
If I’m honest, I notice a lack of ambition, fortitude and determination. Instead of going after a career or success…or significance, some are expecting it to come to them. What I can’t seem to figure out is if it’s because of parenting, society, friends, insecurity, societal jadedness, etc.
Of course, it is not true for all young people (20 somethings), there are some real achievers and solid young men and women out there…who are striving to make a difference and work at making it on their own. I’m just noticing a trend where more (than before) seem so dependent on home, or unable to hold demanding jobs, or so idealistic that they won’t stick out at an imperfect job or career.
So, why the rant? I guess I just want to encourage all of us to persevere and wait on God’s timing in our lives. You may not be in the perfect job situation, you may not like something or some organization, but continue to plow through and wait on God to help in your circumstance. Pray for change, actuate change, but only in His timing. And, be sure that you represent Him well…be a great employee, be self-sufficient, don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and work hard, finish the job well, be responsible, be on-time, etc.
I believe every young guy out there should work at least one summer or a period of time in manual labor. Work landscaping or a summer job at a plant, etc. Work on a farm, bale hay, work construction, roofing, whatever. It is amazing what it will teach you about work, money, promptness, value, etc.
For those of us who are young parents (especially me with 3 boys) teach your kids independence, to work, to do chores and their place in helping the family. Don’t let them become video game junkies and CEO’s of the house. Teach them the joy of work and of a job well done…we’ll be doing them such a huge favor that they will benefit from later in life.
Finally, I just think we, as a society, need to toughen up a little. Perhaps we as Christ-followers can lead the way and show perseverance, strength and fortitude and represent Him well!