Stewardship – Who’s Finances Are They Anyway?

“What a joy and blessing it is, to be in a position where my most pressing concern, is what charitable organization to donate to.” 

“I consider that every person who is in need and comes into my life, is a person God has blessed me to help.”  

These are the words of two friends who consider themselves blessed beyond what they deserve.  I have found; in the thirty plus years in the financial services industry, that financially fulfilled people are those who are able to give joyfully and generously, and they feel that this is the result of following the principles outlined in “The Golden Ratio of Financial Stewardship”.  “The Golden Ratio of Financial Stewardship” is a set of principles I started to implement as I studied the financial lessons found in what I consider to be the “Ultimate Guide to Financial Stewardship” – The Bible.

“The Golden Ratio of Financial Stewardship” is the foundation, the Blueprint to financial peace.  Once implemented, these principles offer safety when financial troubles come, resources when opportunities present themselves, and the ability to respond to the needs of others when they call in need.   

“I wake up every morning with gratitude in my heart for the abundant blessings that have been bestowed on me, and I believe that these have been given me, in part, as the direct result of adhering to the principles of “The Golden Ratio of Financial Stewardship.”   

These principles are totally aligned with the many parables and teachings that Jesus taught and that were given even before He was born. The Golden Ratio: 10:20:70 

The 10 – From Jacob – “If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go and will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear … of all that you give me I will give a full tenth.”  The first ten percent is allocated to helping others.  “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”  The first ten percent is dedicated to giving cheerfully to the work of God through different ministries, churches and to those who are in need; the widow, the orphan the sick, the poor and the hungry.    

The 20 – From Joseph – “Now therefore let the Pharaoh select a discerning and wise man… and take one fifth of the produce of the land… and let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming and store up grain under the authority of Pharaoh for food in the cities and let them keep it.  “That food will be a reserve for the land against the seven years of famine.”  I have yet to encounter someone who can say that in their life, they have only seen ups and no downs or emergencies.  Twenty percent of your income is to be set aside for your future.  This twenty percent will get us through those periods of time when the unexpected happens.  It will also equip us to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, opportunities like starting a business or purchasing an investment.   

The 70 – From Jesus – “For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and consider the cost, whether he has enough to finish – lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish…”  The seventy percent is what we use to sustain our lifestyle in a prudent and measured manner, prayerfully, seeking the advice of wise counsellors. 

“The Golden Ratio of Financial Stewardship” is all about accountability.  The principles are simple, yet many of us would find it difficult to implement; unless we have the right perspective; “Whose money is it anyway?” and “Who are we accountable to?” 

During my career, I have seen the security and peace of mind that these principles give the practitioner.  It develops into a beautiful progression that begins from providing for self and family, to participating in opportunities that come our way to finally being able to focus on the betterment of society as we ponder on where to give and serve. It grows and redirects our focus from the need of self to the needs of others.  These are simple principle that fulfill the soul as it moves us to do more for our fellow men.   

The implementation of the Golden Ratio begins with the right perspective.  The perspective that what we have is not all that we have and own, but rather that all that we have has been entrusted to us to steward over.  The perspective that we are accountable for what we have been given.  The determination to live by this guidance gives us the wonderful hope of hearing the phrase “’Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a few things.”   

He is faithful 

Cesar Lauper is an independent Christian Certified Financial Advisor working through IPC Investment Corporation.  These are his views and opinions and not necessarily those of IPC Investment Corporation.  Seek independent financial advice before investing.