Sunday Programming Schedule

12:00 AM MUSIC  —
1:00 AM The Alternative Tony Evans
1:30 AM MUSIC  —
6:30 AM Believer’s Bible Hour S Lewis Johnson
7:30 AM Live in the Light Robbie Symons
8:00 AM Canada’s National Bible Hour Dr. Brian Albrecht
8:30 AM Grace Notes Barbara Sandbek
8:45 AM Albany Update Duane Motley
9:00 AM Let My People Think Ravi Zacharias
9:30 AM The Bible Study Hour James Montgomery Boice
10:00 AM People’s Gospel Hour Perry F. Rockwood
10:30 AM Gospel For Asia “Road to Reality” K.P. Yohannan
11:00 AM MUSIC
12:30 AM Scott Street on Air Jurgen Rausch
1:00 PM Friends of Israel Chris Katulka
1:30 PM Words to Live By Les Lamborn,Barbara Follis & Bill Houston
2:00 PM Banner of Truth Hans Overduin
2:30 PM Holy Scriptures and Israel Gideon Levytam
3:00 PM Andrew Farley Live Andrew Farley
5:00 PM People’s Gospel Hour Perry F. Rockwood
5:30 PM Lewis Byer Ministries Lewis Byer
5:45 PM Voice of the Church Various Hosts
6:00 PM Thru the Bible Q & A J Vernon McGee
6:30 PM New Creation Realities Moses Akingbade
7:00 PM Galcom Impact Radio Tim Whitehead
7:45 PM MUSIC  —
8:00 PM Sunday Sermon J Vernon McGee
8:45 PM Lord’s Challenge Joshua Daniel
9:00 PM The Alternative Tony Evans
9:30 PM Grace to You Weekend John MacArthur
10:00 PM Haven Weekend Charles Morris
11:00 PM Defending the Truth Bob Dutko