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We all find ourselves in the most unexpected places because of COVID-19. You may be laid off, working from home, or your children are in school currently, but you worry this could change at anytime. We’re all experiencing unprecedented stress… finding a way to deal with household debt when there’s so much uncertainty is very challenging. Vine and Williams is here to help you safely via phone, video, and email at a time of day that works for you! 

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Falling behind in bill payments can happen to the best of us. A sudden job loss, an unexpected expense and other personal circumstances can all impact an individual’s ability to keep up with credit card bills, loan payments or other bills. It doesn’t take long for life’s little challenges to become big financial problems.

At Vine and Williams, we understand this was not your plan. We also understand that it’s difficult to get ahead when crushing debt and the burden of financial stress are holding you back.

With a personal debt management solution,
we can get your finances back on track.

Some debt consultants will tell you that you need them to represent you if you file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy because a bankruptcy trustee represents the creditors. The truth is, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is an officer of the Court and has an obligation to you, your creditors and the Court. We will explain all of your options, and deal with you in a fair and open manner. You do not need a referral or a debt consultant to meet with a Trustee and you don’t need an extra monthly payment to a debt consultant.

No more worrying. No more harassing phone calls.
No more helplessness. We will show you how to get out of debt.


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