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A Note to My LifeLine Family:


It’s been almost 35 years since Nev Larson called and asked me if I was interested in becoming a part-time “board-operator” at WDCX.  I was a full-time broadcasting student at Boston University but I was home for the summer and I jumped at the chance to get my feet wet in Christian radio.

Sometimes people ask me about my most memorable moments on the radio and they often expect me to say things like “PromiseKeepers” or “broadcasting at the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 1992 and 1996” or “interviewing rock stars, presidential candidates or best-selling authors.”

Frankly, those were memorable, but for ME, they are never –ever- what come to mind first.

Instead, I will never forget the day a woman decided NOT to commit suicide and instead gave her life to Christ.   Or the time I asked if there was anyone out there who could plow the ¼ mile long driveway of an elderly woman’s home in Central New York (so she could get to the store to buy medication. In less than 3 minutes a listener in the Syracuse area called to say he was on his way and happy to plow her driveway for free.  I will never forget the stories of hundreds of you (throughout the years) who told me that –while listening to WDCX one day- you stopped whatever you were doing (driving cars, operating machinery, doing the dishes) to bow your head and pray along with me for a fellow caller in need.   I will never forget the people who surrendered their lives to Christ right on the air!  I will never forget how you stepped in to pay for single moms to take their children whitewater rafting…or how you paid for a brand new basketball court at Circle C Ranch or how you helped me produce an on air “Christmas Card” PERSONALIZED for hundreds of soldiers during Operation Desert Storm…or when you helped me create an on air “get well card” for Dr. David Jeremiah after his cancer diagnosis many years ago. Or more recently, how you stepped up to lovingly help us create an on air “sympathy card” for Rick and Kay Warren after their son, Matthew took his life in April.


I actually thought about going into television at one time in my life…but God knew better.   (It’s probably why he took my hair away!)   Live radio is a very intimate and personal “one on one” form of communication.   Sure…there may be 10’s of thousands lots of people listening at any given moment - but from my vantage point- sitting alone in a sound-proof talk studio …it’s just you and me and God! And we have a chance to be together every weekday afternoon from 3-6pm!  We get to hear what God is doing in other people’s lives!  We get to respond to those stories by participating in them and becoming a part OF them!  We get to be involved!  We get to pray, go, assist, help, give, encourage, laugh with, cry for and love those brothers and sisters that God brings our way each day.

It’s incredible when you think about it.  Via the airwaves and because of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are together…and we are ONE!   From Buffalo to Rochester to Erie to Toronto and beyond…I invite you, as always…to join me TODAY for LifeLine.   Me and you and God!     

With the Love of Jesus, let’s make another memory!