Jeremy Hagt, CFP®, PFP®

Senior Investment Advisor at iA Private Wealth

Interest rates are rising. Inflation is soaring. The markets are volatile. And it’s stressing you out! You could really use some reassurance from your investment advisor, but you haven’t heard from him in what seems like forever. Not a call or a text. Not even an email. Nothing. You feel like he’s hiding. That’s not the kind of relationship you want to have with your advisor. You’re not looking for a best friend or a call every other day. But your concerns at this time deserve proper attention—especially when the markets are volatile. No matter what phase you’re at with your investments, a good relationship with your advisor will benefit your portfolio. With Jeremy Hagt of iA Private Wealth, you can count on consistent communication and a strong relationship whether the markets are up or down.

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If your current advisor hasn’t given you the support and attention you’re looking for and you’re considering a switch, give Jeremy a call to find out what he has to offer. 

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