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Dr. Nelly Soliman-Wahba

Prom. Graduation. Weddings… All these events have one thing in common: lots of photos! With all the pictures being taken of you, your smile is front and center. Capturing these kinds of memories means having a smile you can be proud of. But if you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see, there’s time to fix it right in the comfort of your home. Dr. Nelly is offering a FREE teeth-whitening takehome kit to TEN new WDCX patients. This is a value of $150. Your first step to a brighter, whiter smile starts by scheduling your first appointment with Dr. Nelly at her office in Fonthill. You will receive your FREE teeth-whitening kit after your first exam.

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When choosing a family dentist, there are many things to consider. Dr. Nelly Soliman-Wahba Family Dentistry Corporation aims to be your first choice for quality dental care in the Niagara region. We do that by offering full dental service in a warm and welcoming environment.

It is understood that a trip to the dentist’s office is not always something you look forward to. It can cause a lot of anxiety for many people. Our dental team works hard to ensure a calm and relaxing experience for everyone including your little ones – ensuring they have a pleasant, calm, and gentle dental experience. Your children can enjoy the playroom in our waiting area, as well as the many kid-friendly movies available on our operatory televisions.


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